31 July 2014

Sleepy Hollow Home and Lots for Sale

A new listing is up for a ca. 1920s cabin, which has been extensively remodeled and added on to, at the very end of Oak Way Lane on the north end of Sleepy Hollow.  The 3 bedroom, 3 bath home includes a studio apartment in a converted basement and a 2 bedroom 2 bath main house totaling 1,520 square feet. The lot size is 5,000 square feet.  

But, in the description that studio is listed as 800 square feet and the main unit as 1,600 square feet, so the overall size could be considered 2,400.  Another portion of the description states the dwelling to be 700 square feet, which is likely the original size before all of the additions.

Additionally, the owner is selling 4 acres adjacent to the house higher up the steep slopes of the hillside, with, in fact, a Hillside Road address, so this is an unusual listing because of the raw land, though how usable it could be is uncertain.  There is also no price for that property given in this listing.

Funnily, the listing agent refers to Sleepy Hollow as the "Inland Valley version of Laurel Canyon," whereas some of us think of Laurel Canyon as the "Westside version of Sleepy Hollow."

The listing states the construction date as 1920, but the subdivision map (shown on this blog previously) is dated October 1923.  In any case, the original portion of this house appears to go back to the Twenties.  On that map, the parcel is shown as Lot 49 of Block 6 and its measurements are 50'W x 100'L, or the 5,000 square feet that is on the listing.

Also of note are the fluctuations of sale prices over the years.  In 1989, the property sold for $172.500.  After the real estate boom collapsed just after that, foreclosure ensued in 1995 and it went for just over $125,000.  In 2006, at the crest of another boom, it sold for $500,000, followed by another foreclosure in October 2007 at a sale price of $306,000.  Then, just before the Great Recession officially hit in September 2008, the rock bottom price of $165,000 was reached.

Now, the owner seeks $450,000.  This, folks, is a microcosm of what real estate has increasingly become in recent decades.

For the listing on Redfin, click here.

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