08 August 2014

Carbon Canyon Road Acccident and Closure

UPDATE, 9:45 A.M. SATURDAY:  Either it took an extra six hours or the automated notice system was delayed, but as of 9 a.m. Carbon Canyon Road was reopened.

UPDATE, 6:00 p.m.  The accident looks to have taken place near Olinda Village on the Brea side of the canyon.

The latest notification is:
Friday August 8th - Carbon Canyon is Closed at the County Line - 3:00 pm Update 
Traffic accident and downed power lines near Olinda Village.
SCE is on scene and estimates closure will be in effect for 12 hours.
UPDATE, 4:00 P.M.  A check with the automated hotline from the City of Chino Hills shows that the closure of Carbon Canyon Road at the county line between that city and Brea is now EXTENDED to 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning as Edison seeks to work on the downed power pole.

Again, Carbon Canyon Road is now closed until 3 a.m. Saturday.

This notice was sent via the City of Chino Hills e-notification service:
Friday, August 8th 2:00 pm - The Brea Police Dept. has advised that there is a sig alert in effect on Carbon Canyon Road until 4:00 pm due to a traffic collision and downed power lines.  Vehicles traveling west from Chino Hills toward Brea will be turned around at the County line until the road is reopened. 
It appears this accident took place in Sleepy Hollow, where downed power lines have taken place several times in recent years.

The information could change, but anyone looking to drive through the Canyon over at least the next hour should be aware that they may not be allowed to go through either side.

An update will be offered after 4:00 to see if matters have changed. 


Michael Crosby said...

Curious.Are there a lot of traffic deaths/accidents on this road?

And what's the #1 cause?

prs said...

Hello Michael, thanks for checking out the blog and for your question. This blog has documented a number of accidents since it started six years ago. What would be "a lot" is, of course, subjective. As a 10-year resident who is concerned about being hit while driving on the road, it seems that there are more accidents that there needs to be, if there was some regular patrolling of the road, which there is not. Fatalities have been probably about a dozen or some during that decade--whether that is "a lot" is, again, depending on the point of view. As to cause, the main one is likely speeding beyond what is safe to navigate the curvier areas of the canyon. All the signs that have been added won't do a thing to slow some people down--that requires a human presence. Yet, whatever patrolling was done, at least on the Chino Hills side, a decade or so ago has diminished to almost nothing. Again, thanks for checking our the Chronicle!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Michael, another reader here -- isn't this website great?

There are a lot of accidents this road because it is a FUN road to drive fast and such roads are few and far between down here in So Cal. So this road gets lots and lots of inexperienced daredevils. It's very sad. It also gets its share of morons who are in a hurry and who get angry and tailgate (a VERY stoooooooopid driving habit ... dead tailgaters are evidence of Darwinism in action) or pass on a road with ZERO passing lanes.

In other words, this road has more accidents than most because of human nature! So when you drive the road, especially at night ... STAY FROSTY!

PRS, I love love love your website, but then, I've told you that before!!!

J Anderson
Mountain View neighborhood

Anonymous said...

Hey, I drive fast on this road every day. Move over for faster vehicles. It is the courteous and safe thing to do.

prs said...

Hi J Anderson, thanks again for your good words about the blog. Couldn't agree more about staying alert when driving CC Rd.

Anonymous said...

Hey, anonymous, on this particular road, the SAFER thing to do is to drive at a sane speed. I've probably driven more curving road faster than you because I grew up in country where roads like Carbon Canyon were a dime a dozen and twice as hairy. If someone has to pull over for you, either that someone is going so painfully slow that THEY shouldn't be on the road, or YOU are inexperience enough to be going too fast, which makes you dangerous to everybody. Be courteous and safe and DRIVE AT A SANE SPEED. Save hurrying for a different kind of road.