18 January 2013

Sleepy Hollow's Canyon Market Closure in the News

In tomorrow's edition of The Champion, reporter Marianne Napoles has a short front-page feature on the shuttering of the Canyon Market, formerly Party House Liquor #2 (and before that Joe Tater's and Ichabod's, going back some decades.)

As noted in this blog in early June 2012, the store, which had only changed management and name the previous year, had closed its doors, though it was not known then if this was a permanent closure.  The boarding up of the windows and doors during the Fall, however, confirmed that it was a done deal.

The Champion article has a little bit of history and a reminiscence from a lifetime Sleepy Hollow resident, who also hoped that the site could be reopened as an artists' gallery or a coffee shop.  The piece also surmised that the opening the Circle K market up the road to the east had an impact and there's no reason to think otherwise.

The newspaper noted that the property has been owned by the same man for over thirty years and that Gus Fedail, who once owned the old Canyon Corral restaurant and bar that was an area landmark for many years and was razed when the shopping center that is anchored by CVS was constructed in recent years, still operates the Party House Liquor #1 store in the Big Lots/99 Cent Store shopping center at Pipeline and Chino Hills Parkway.

The future of the Canyon Market/Party House Liquor building and lot does not appear to be known currently and it will be interesting to see what happens to the property.

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