30 January 2013

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #10741 and #10892

Two more examples of errancy along Carbon Canyon Road in recent days.

This first on the Chino Hills side took out a sign on the eastbound side of the highway just east of the intersection with Old Carbon Canyon Road at the bottom of the S-curve.

Clearly, the driver took that last curve a little too quickly and relieved said sign of its simple duty.

Meanwhile, across the Canyon in Brea on the westbound portion of the roadway east of Olinda Village and a hop, skip, and a bump from the recent collision that shredded the lower part of a power pole, there was a wreck that left some staining on the relatively new asphalt pavement and assorted debris on the shoulder.

These latter included a muffler.

And what looks like part of the suspension.

And pieces of reflector, parts of a fender and odd and sundry.

Meantime, further west closer to the Chino Hills State Park and off the eastbound lane, a left turn ahead sign ignominiously lies reclined against the backside of a guardrail, though it is not entirely clear how it wound up there.

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