17 January 2013

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #10628

This recent exercise in errancy on Carbon Canyon Road is west of the former Manely Friends stable and just east of the historic La Vida Mineral Springs property.

This was a westbound driver, whose mental calculus in taking a curve seemed to be slightly deficient and who skidded across the eastbound lane and went up a dirt embankment for what appears to have been a relatively soft landing.
Some debris, in the form of broken plastic reflector glass and sundry, was scattered in a fairly wide area in the western end of the deep turnout.
Incidentally, there are at least a couple of other late, lengthy and dark skid marks elsewhere along the highway, testament to some other close calls on the Orange County side of the road.


Dr. Gonzo said...

I laughed out loud when I read your line, "mental calculus in taking a curve seemed to be slightly deficient". I love it, because it's sooooo true.

prs said...

Hi Dr. Gonzo, thanks for the comment; sometimes I wonder if those attempts at being clever are overdone. But, yeah, there is a lot of miscalculating going on in the Canyon, for sure.