02 November 2012

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #10023

Again.  For the third time within a month, a brand spanking new section of guardrail of the newly paved and otherwise improved Orange County portion of Carbon Canyon Road (State Route 142) has been taken out by an errant driver.

This occurrence is on the westbound side of the highway on the down slope a little west of Olinda Village.  The far east end of the rail has been crumpled and pressed against the steep hillside.

But, wait . . . there's more.  As an added bonus, the driver bounced off that end and headed down the road a piece skidding into another section of the rail set before, presumably, finding the roadway once more and continuing on his/her (probably his) merry (or, not so much) way.

Perhaps a positive view of this is that this is a way of keeping out state highway workers gainfully employed.

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