07 November 2012

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #10101

And . . . yet . . . again.

Not as dramatic perhaps as others of recent vintage, but this is the fourth example of damage done to brand-new guardrails installed along the newly-refurbished Carbon Canyon Road (State Route 142) by CalTrans District 12 on the Brea/Orange County side of the Canyon.

In this case, the location is on the eastbound side of the highway at the bottom of the steep slope coming down from Olinda Village just before the historic La Vida Mineral Springs property.  There didn't appear to be much in the way of skidding, probably high speed and a drift to the right that led to a folding of the lower part of the rail and dislodgement of a post or two.

This may or may not require as much work on the order of wholesale replacement as the other instances, however, and could certainly have been worse.  But, what if it was?

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