28 October 2012

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #9999

This accident has happened within the last couple of days or so and is on the eastbound side of Carbon Canyon Road (State Highway 142), about 1/3 of a mile maybe west of the Orange/San Bernardino County line.

And, this is the second accident within the last couple of weeks that has caused damage to the new, extensive work done by CalTrans District 12 on the Brea side of the highway, including new paving, striping, and guardrails.

The other incident took place further to the west at the old entrance to the La Vida Mineral Springs resort.

So, there will have to be significant repairs made to this section of guardrail that was brand spanking new and which will have to replaced.

The details of the accident might have included injury to a driver or passengers, but it could be wondered if, because the license plate for the car is still on scene, an investigation that finds the cause to be reckless driving of some kind, that person could be held liable for the costs of repair?

A little further west on the same side of the highway, there is a little more debris and what looks like absorbent sand was laid out to clean up an oil spill--whether this was related to this accident or was separate is not known.


Jeff Fischer said...

Not related to this post (sorry), but I noticed this morning that the windows in the liquor store in Sleepy Hollow are boarded up. Any idea what gives?

prs said...

Hi Jeff, maybe there was some hope of reopening after the closure of some months back. There was a change of ownership notice before it went dark and perhaps something fell through. Looks, obviously, like the property owner is trying to prevent break-ins. Does anyone out there know what might be happening with the Canyon Market property?