03 October 2012

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #9832

Well, that didn't take long.

Just a few weeks after CalTrans District 12 supervised the extreme (well, not that extreme) makeover of the Orange County side of Carbon Canyon Road from the San Bernardino County line to Olinda Ranch, including new asphalt, striping (including ridged centerlines), emergency turnouts, reflectors and guardrails (with reflectors on the ends, even), a staggering (well, not that staggering) thing happened.

Looks like a westbound driver, undeterred by said striping, reflectors, and guardrails, expressed his (or hers, but probably his) contempt for the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on this months-long project and took out a portion of guardrail and other paraphernalia just west of the old La Vida Mineral Springs hotel entrance.

Accompanying photos snapped this morning show the results. 

Guess it's time for more taxpayer money to be spent on replacing said recently replaced guardrail and etc.

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