07 February 2012

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #s 8712-13

Over the last weekend, the utility box (or whatever it is/was--someone might leave a comment if they know) covered by the fake rock across from the entrance to the old La Vida Mineral Springs hotel on the south side of Carbon Canyon Road was finally completely destroyed by a westbound vehicle took the preceding turn too fast, crossed the opposing lane, and blasted the "rock" (maybe it should be more real next time?) and disabled the unit.  Both were removed Monday, but the "debris field", shown above this morning, remains.

Meantime, maybe up to two weeks ago and a little further to the west at the west end of the La Vida property, another westbound driver deviated from the roadway and crashed into a portion of chain-link fence (photo also from this a.m.)  Not that 95% of this fence, which a few years ago was probably intact to nearly that proportion, hasn't been similarly manhandled one way or another.

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