23 February 2012

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #8943

Another pair of incidents took place recently off westbound Carbon Canyon Road on the Brea side of Carbon Canyon, across from the new Chino Hills State Park Discovery Center and east of Olinda Ranch.

The plowing down of some of the "No Parking" signs could either have been a result of errant navigating of the state highway or a form of protest for those using the State Park and wanting to park along the highway for free rather than using the newly-opened parking lot at the Discovery Center, which entails a fee of $5.

Actually, the first of these incidents involves one sign east of the Center and could have been accidental by someone looking to park there.  This looks to have happened up to a couple of weeks back.

The other, closer to the El Rodeo Stables complex, looks like someone veered off the highway and plowed down a few of the signs there.  Most likely, this happened last weekend.

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