11 February 2012

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #8888

12:54 a.m. Sunday morning the 12th.  Getting ready for bed.  Another heavy screeching of tires a little east of here toward the east end of Sleepy Hollow--no sounds of a collision, though.  Just another close call.

Less than a half hour ago here in Sleepy Hollow, a relaxing evening sitting in the living room was shattered by skidding tires and three or four thudding sounds, followed by a female voice calling out: "Are you O.K.?"  Within minutes, police, fire and ambulance crews were on scene at the collision site at Carbon Canyon Road and Rosemary Lane (the portion closest to the San Bernardino/Orange counties line.) 

There, what looks like a Honda Civic was resting against a power pole on the southeast corner of the intersection (a pole that has taken numerous thrashings over the years) with much of its front end caved in, portions of the front bumper lying nearby, a shattered windshield and other assorted debris splayed in the intersection (ah, here goes a fire truck past the house on Rosemary, followed by eastbound vehicles diverted onto a detour to get around the accident scene.)

The young male driver (who else?) was uninjured and there was a female and a second vehicle parked nearby.  A neighbor thought there had been mention of another car turning onto Carbon Canyon (from Rosemary/Hillside?) and that the damaged car skidded to avoid it.

However, there was skidding well before that and several crash sounds, indicating, at least by this hearing, that the young man was driving far too fast through the area before the accident.  On a Saturday night.  Late in the evening.  Again.


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