18 December 2011

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #26

This is another 10 ounce bottle from the La Vida Mineral Springs.  It is the same type in terms of design and layout and era as the one featured last month and may be from about the same era: 1940s or perhaps not long afterward.

But, the reverse list of available flavors offered by the La Vida Bottling Company, Inc. is slightly different than the other bottle.  For example, the one shown in November offered some flavors not found here or named differently.  Such as, what is here shown as "Tropical Punch" is probably "La Vida Punch" on the other.  Or, that one had "Lime Rickey" and this one shows "Lime Soda."  Then, there was "Cheri Cola" on the first one and "Black Cherry Cola" on this.  And, there are some, like "Tom Collins Mix" or "Grapefruit" from the other that aren't found here.

Finally, this bottle has a flavor that is in a larger font size, seemingly indicating the one that was found in this bottle, and, it's a pretty cool name: "Charley's Chocolate."  Makes one wonder (maybe) who "Charley" and whether the attempt at alliteration made for a better flavor rather than just a catchier name!

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