15 December 2011

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #8412

While there have been no major accidents (at least known to this blogger) since the tragic death of a bicyclist several weeks ago, there have been some recent errant driving incidents on the Chino Hills side of Carbon Canyon, including the dismembering of a stop sign at Carbon Canyon Road and Ginseng Lane, the nudging or flattening of a sign or two on the S-curve near Summit Ranch, and the entire front bumper of a yellow car left by the side of the road in the same vicinity. 

All reminders that, whether there are so-called "major" incidents or not, unsafe driving is a daily occurrence and those who drive safely should comtinue to exercise caution when driving through the Canyon, especially on weekend evenings (when, evidently, the bumper was deposited along the highway) and during the upcoming holiday season. 

As has been noted before, the most horrific accident yours truly has seen in the Canyon occurred New Year's Eve/New Year's Day, at about 1 a.m., when several cars were strewn across Carbon Canyon Road on the downslope east of Olinda Village.  There were persons lying in the road and fronzen in shock behind shattered windshields.  It's a scene that will not be forgotten and, unfortunately, will be repeated.

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Anonymous said...

I heard about 10 years ago that over 68 people a year,(on average),die driving through the Canyon. I have witnessed a few fatal accidents/crashes, and suspect more than a few go off the sides of the steep embankments and are carted off quietly. This is the most dangerous time of year to drive! Be cautious driving and call 911 on weaving and/or suspected drunk drivers and ANYONE who throws out a cigarette. Thank you for your interesting chronicle of our Canyon. . .