27 September 2011

The Rebirth of El Rodeo Stables

Next year will mark 75 years since El Rodeo Stables opened at its location on Carbon Canyon Road in Brea, east of the Olinda Ranch subdivision and north of Carbon Canyon Regional Park.  It was looking rundown and poorly maintained until the last several months when the horse owners association, El Rodeo Riding Club, that owns the site brought in new management and has engaged in a thorough revamping of much of the site's facilities.

For example, two sets of stalls at either end of the riding areas have been rebuilt and are now lighted.  Horses fill the stalls and there are trailers lined up along the side facing the road.  It is great to see riders again, as well.

Local horse owners looking for a place to board (these are becoming fewer all the time) would be glad to know about the renovations at El Rodeo, which looks like it has rebounded considerably from just a year ago.

The association Web site hasn't had much to say so far about the new work, but interested persons might want to check out the site at later date (see the link here) to find out if more has been posted.

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