26 September 2011

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #s 8132 & 8278

It's been a quiet last couple of months in the Canyon concerning accidents, which is always good.  That's not to say there haven't been any incidents, just none that seemed to be major enough to bother to mention or which were not indicative of dangerous driving.  For example, last Friday late afternoon there was a two-car collision at Canon Lane and Carbon Canyon Road that looked like a miscalculation rather than blatant speeding or illegal passing.

In the last several days or so, though, there were a couple of examples of errant traveling that indicate too much speed, especially on the notorious S-curve near Carriage Hills and Summit Ranch on the Chino Hills side.  In one case, an eastbound vehicle took the curve about half-way down the stretch with enough force to nearly topple a directional sign while embedding a piece of the car's body in the guardrail.  Just a few feet to the right, the end of the rail, which often bears the brunt of someone who cannot manage to take the curve but insists on going straight, is getting pushed back further and further.  Meanwhile, more recently (as in, this weekend), down at the bottom of the curve across from the intersection of SR-142 and Old Carbon Canyon Road, another eastbound car crossed the opposing lane and took out a 25mph sign.

Let's hope that people are, indeed, driving more carefully, rather than the relative silence being circumstantial.

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