14 September 2011

Artistic Expression in the Face of . . . Religious Fervor . . . Coda?

The philosophical debate between the true believer who expressed a whimsical platitude on a k-rail on the north side of Carbon Canyon Road on the downslope west of Olinda Village a while back, to which a confirmed atheist bluntly sprayed the symbolic "A" over the word "faith" not long after, has been firmly and decisively ended, it appears, by a work crew from CalTrans District 12.

Sometime in recent days, a coat of gray paint was applied to the k-rail, which has resumed its mundane appearance as it does its routine job of, presumably, keeping people from exiting the road to dump trash or do whatever else they would at the turn out.

Whether this is the end or if there'll be a resumption of the theological "tilting at windmills" remains to be seen (or not.)

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