08 July 2011

Carbon Canyon Road (State Highway 142) Remains Closed

A 6 am update from the City of Chino Hills and a recorded update from last night from the City of Brea both indicate that Carbon Canyon Road remains closed between Olinda Village and Santa Fe Road in Olinda Ranch, as final containment and mop-up on the fire north of Olinda Ranch continues.

As before, the 714-990-7732 hot line, City of Brea Web site (click here), and the City of Chino Hills Web site (click here) have update information.

UPDATE (9:15 A.M.):  According to the City of Chino Hills notification system, Carbon Canyon
Road will remain closed between Olinda Village and Olinda Ranch until 6 p.m. tonight.


Anonymous said...

The road is open to Brea, now, as of 12PM.

The fire consumed so far 600 acres and is about 60%. There are 300 firefighters on scene.

It's getting windy out there, folk, so keep your fingers crossed.


prs said...

Hello LB, obviously, high humidity and low winds kept this from being a much worse fire. We certainly cannot expect like conditions when the Santa Anas come in, but let's hope this is our big Canyon fire for the year.