28 July 2011

Artistic Expression in the Face of . . . Religious Fervor . . . Contested

The divinely-inspired tagging of a K-rail alongside Carbon Canyon Road westbound down hill from Olinda Village noted here about a month-and-a-half back was given, within the last week or so, a direct challenge by someone whose contrarian certainty was offered with great emphasis.  The letter "A" within a circle is a common symbol for athiests. 

So, this may be a manifestation of the so-called "cultural wars" as expressed via spraypaint.  The hubcap has no relation (unless someone wants to link it with circular reasoning, the circle of life, or the debate between a flat or round earth).


annaliesauce said...

its anarchists, not athiests.

prs said...

Hi Annaliesauce, you're right, thanks for the correction. I think I saw the "faith" statement and then the anarchy symbol over it and got confused. Thanks for stopping by.