02 July 2011

Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council Banner Is Up!

Thanks to some dedicated members of the Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council and the generosity of a Chino sign and banner company, a series of new banners will be seasonally displayed during the year to warn residents and passers-through of the fire danger that is essentially ever-present within the Canyon.

The first banner was put up by a Council member within the last few days, with a timely warning about fireworks and dirtbikes being a very real cause of fire within the area during hot, dry and windy summer days.

There are existing signs from the City of Chino Hills concerning the banning of fireworks throughout the city, but these are generally up for a couple of weeks before the Fourth of July holiday and then down soon after that day.

These banners, posted at the east entrance to the Canyon along westbound Carbon Canyon Road near Chino Hills Parkway and (soon to be) at the west end of the Chino Hills portion near the county border are enclosed within custom wood frames below the long-standing wooden signs warning of fire danger that have been up for many years.

Banners and signs have their place and, hopefully, these will have some impact.  Concerned citizens in Canyon neighborhoods can also be of assistance.  Ultimately, though, some enforcement has to take place, an issue that continues to occur with driving behavior on the road, despite all the directional and warning signs CalTrans has (and continues to add) on the highway.

Kudos to those Fire Safe Council members who put a lot of time and effort to get this project to fruition!


Lex Valentine said...

Good to see the signs up. And I have to agree with you re the driving behaviors on this road. I moved to Hollydale May 1 and already people have tried to ram us and run us off the road. It's happened three times, twice to my husband and once to me. And the crazy thing is, it's older people! Senior citizens! I wish there was more of a police presence out there.

Thanks for a great blog. I've been checking it out ever since we first decided to move to the canyon in March.

prs said...

Hi Lex, thanks for the comment and sorry to hear about those incidents and only in the last couple of months! As for the patrolling, I've obviously seen less since the recession began than before and there wasn't much then.