11 May 2011

A Strange Sight on Carbon Canyon Road

While it is not at all uncommon to see items dumped alongside Carbon Canyon Road, especially on the less populated and more rugged Brea side, this was a strange sight encountered this morning.  This is in a large turnout on the westbound side of SR-142 between the old La Vida Mineral Springs property and Olinda Village.

It appears to be a couch loaded with trash, covered with some kind of pad and tied together with rope that is then attached to a reflector sign.

The obvious question seems to be why it was left this way, especially tied to the sign?  Maybe it looks a lot creepier than it really is!


Jeff Fischer said...

Maybe that's how they got it out of the truck. Quick and easy.

Jeff Fischer said...

The angle of the rope, and the fact that it appears taught, suggests that is the way the culprits got the load off the truck. Quick and easy!

prs said...

Hi Jeff, thanks for the comment. Fortunately, CalTrans or some other agency made quick and easy work of the debris not more than a day or two after this post (not that it had anything to do with it).