24 May 2011

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #s7248 and 7248a

It's now ancient history—probably ten days ago now.

On eastbound Carbon Canyon Road between Fairway Drive/Ginseng Lane and Carriage Hills Drive, in which a vehicle slid off the shoulder, hit an embankment, skidded across lanes and nearly went over the side of the opposing shoulder.

The above were taken a few days ago.  Meantime, on the lower part of the S-curve a little further east, more errant traipsing around a curve in which frequent miscalculations occur, as fresh tire tracks show an alternate route off-road:


Anonymous said...

Appears there was an incident today on the 142 near la vida springs around 11am. Unknown impact, but I can't make my way to Brea for another hour (is my guess)

Anonymous said...

I know the person involved in the S-curve accident...They weren't at fault, but their car was totaled and they broke their arm...all on Mothers Day :(

prs said...

Hi anonymous #1 and #2 (anonymi?): #1: see the new post from this evening re: Friday morning. #2: as to the S-curve accident, sorry to hear about it and I realize that not all accidents involve recklessness, speeding, chemical impairment, etc. (though suspect that most or at least a great many do.) Thanks for the comments.