09 May 2011

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon: #7011 and #7163

Late last week, at the top of the S-curve on Carbon Canyon Road in Chino Hills, an innocuous directional sign politely pointing drivers to remain firmly in the eastbound lanes of traffic while negotiating a curve was pathetically pulverized by someone who evidently thought better of it, as below.

Meantime, within the last week or two, there was some erratic perambulation (look it up) a little further down the curve to the east, but, without success in taking out any pent-up energy or dislike for any signs or other animate or inanimate objects down thataway, as below (though a car coming westbound inadvertently, though conveniently, demonstrated here what could have happened had someone else been coming that way when said skid-monger made his mark.)

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