19 April 2011

Samsung Presbyterian Church in Olinda Village Closed

The Wayside Chapel at the recently-shuttered Samsung Presbyterian Church in Olinda Village has been a notable rustic element of Carbon Canyon for years.

The Samsung Presbyterian Church, formerly Carbon Canyon Christian Church, next to Hollydale Mobile Home Estates in Olinda Village, has closed, evidently due to bankruptcy.  It has been stated that another church purchased the property at an auction, but for the time being, the site is vacant.  If anyone has more specifics on the closure and the alleged purchase at auction, please chime in with a comment.

The Samsung Presbyterian Church property, recently closed due, evidently, to bankruptcy.

Samsung moved in a few years ago and made some improvements to the property, including some the undeveloped areas.  For example, a large white cross and benches were installed on a hilllock to the west, some exercise bars situated lower down on the site and, according to a state park ranger, the church also took the opportunity to try and improve some of the land adjacent to Carbon [Canyon] Creek.  The issue there, though, is that it had no legal right to be down there, because the creek and its banks are within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, because of the Carbon Canyon Dam flood control project, and the California Department of Fish and Game, because of its responsibilities with waterways in the state.

A detailed view of the Samsung Presbyterian Church complex.

Meanwhile, a little poking around on the Internet, yielded this interesting article (click here) from 2009 in the Orange County Weekly about choice spots for free picnicking in Carbon Canyon, including the Samsung property (provided you could get permission at the church office) and its open space areas.  Other spots highlighted in the piece were amusing, including the Canyon Market and its "rustic" outdoor areas, a spot within the Carriage Hills subdivision in Chino Hills and several spots along the north side of Carbon Canyon Road, which latter seem questionable at best.  It would be surprising if there were many people who took the Weekly up on its suggestions and hankered down with a blanket and picnic basket in any of these locales.  If anyone has, feel free to comment.

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