18 April 2011

Carbon Canyon Community Meeting This Wednesday

This Wednesday, 20 April from 7-9 p.m. at Western Hills Country Club, located at 1800 Carbon Canyon Road at Fairway Drive in Carbon Canyon, there will be a community meeting covering a few main topics. 

The first is the status of the Fuel Reduction Program (formerly the Brush Pickup Program), which the Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council has operated for seven years using grant funds to provide free disposal of brush to Canyon residents.  With money no longer available to continue operation of the program, the Council regrettably had to terminate the service, but is research alternatives.

Another notable topic of the gathering is to discuss the Community Wildfire Protection Plan, which some dedicated volunteers from Olinda Village in Brea have been working on and which seeks to provide a comprehensive way to deal with the problem of hazardous fuels that spark wildfires, such as that which engulfed the Canyon in November 2008.  Here is a link to the Web site for the CWPP: link.

Finally, there will be a presentation on the growing threat in the state from the goldspotted oak borer, which has been causing a significant amount of damage to oak trees, by Kevin Turner.  The coordinator of a program at the University of California, Riverside dealing with the borer and a retired division chief with CalFire, the state fire agency, Turner will discuss research, education and outreach efforts to deal with the pernicious problem of the pest.

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