20 April 2011

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #s 6718, 6842, and 6999

Quiet though this year has so far been relative to errant excursions along Carbon Canyon Road, there have been a few incidents of note in the last few weeks, as documented here:

This incident probably occurred a good three weeks ago, but the photo was taken this morning.  A simple matter of a car veering off the road, taking out the reflector pole designed to assist drivers in staying on course, while a hubcap, fender and other material were left behind at the site heading eastbound in the middle of the S-curve in Chino Hills.
Alas, this poor sign on the middle portion of said S-curve was only trying to do its modest job of assisting drivers to stay on the road while motoring eastbound and, yet, was thoughtlessly and cruelly pushed off-kilter, yet again.  A little to the left, a guardrail section has also been nudged backward a few times in recent months in another repetitive sign of disrespect.  The photo was taken on 18 April 2011.

Lest the westbound lane and the Brea portion of SR 142 feel left out, here is a scene in which a car veered off the road and left broken glass, plastic, parts of an undercarriage and other detritus and then maybe even caught fire or leaked fluid, as seen in the white material left on the roadway in the photo below.  This is between the county line and the old Manely Friends house and stable property.  Taken 13 April 2011 and having happened about a week or two back.

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