28 October 2010

Sleepy Hollow House Fire

This comment was made on the post from two nights ago concerning the ongoing "On the Skids" feature:

Do you by chance know why the fire trucks were out here on Rosemary and Carbon Canyon last night?

The reason is that there was a house fire in the old apartment structure on Rosemary Lane just off Carbon Canyon Road and at the intersection with Hay Drive.  The fire erupted in a unit downstairs and, when the fire department arrived at around 5 p.m. or a little afterward, heavy white smoke was pouring out of windows, the door and, on the roof, at vent pipes and fans.  Once the fire department hooked up the hoses, it took a few minutes to douse the flames.

One occupant was transported to the hospital with burns on the arm and it appears that there was significant damage to the unit as furnishings and other contents were taken out of the structure and then quickly removed from the premises, presumably damaged or destroyed beyond salvaging.  The fire department was out until dark mopping up and conducting the usual investigations that take place with any fire.

Fortunately, the injury is said to be relatively minor and the fire did not seem to have spread to the other units in the building or jump to the oak trees and other vegetation nearby, especially as warmer weather and Santa Ana winds have entered the region in the last couple of days.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting on the Fire, and all of the other information you post. Much appreciated.