26 October 2010

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #5451, #5526, #5678 and #5792

All the hand wringing and gnashing of teeth in this blog about dangerous driving behavior on Carbon Canyon Road seemed to be belied by the almost complete lack of problems in recent months.  Sure, there was debris noted in mid-August at Western Hills Oaks (Valley Springs Drive and SR 142--see first two photos above), followed by a fender bender a month later at Olinda Village not long ago (below photo), but nothing particularly noteworthy besides for a very long time.

Sometime over the weekend, however, there was a spectacular collision that, unfortunately, led to a neighbor losing a significant portion of fence fronting the highway for the third time in six years.  As before, an eastbound vehicle crossed lanes and pulverized a large portion of the enclosure.  The photos below were taken this afternoon.

Having been away from the accident, no knowledge of the particulars is known, but it sure was a doozy.  Might we also suppose that rain was to blame?

Update on 26 October:  A commenter to this post stated that the accident occurred about 3:30 a.m. on Monday.  In my reply, I was surprised at this, because I was home then and heard nothing, even though I'm a light sleeper generally and the accident was about 100 feet or so from my bedroom window.

Update on 28 October:  Actually, there was another fairly significant accident on Monday, 18 October, somewhere in the vicinity of Carbon Canyon Road between Azurite Drive at Summit Ranch and Old Carbon Canyon Road near Carriage Hills.  This blogger was heading eastbound at 8:30 a.m. and was diverted into Summit Ranch to a detour back to the highway.  An alert sent by the City of Chino Hills noted that the closure occurred maybe a half-hour prior to that and it is understood that it lasted about an hour and a half.


Anonymous said...

This accident woke me up about 3:30 am on Monday morning. Hope no one was seriously injured.

prs said...

Hello Anonymous, thanks for the info. I'm really surprised I didn't hear this on early Monday morning because it happened just 100 feet or so from my bedroom window.

Anonymous said...

Paul do you by chance know why the fire trucks were out here on Rosemary and Carbon Canyon last night?

homeowner said...

The woman was eastbound and fell asleep. Her car ended flipped in the ravine in the bottom of the yard. She was transported for observation, but was only shaken up per the deputy.

prs said...

Thanks Homeowner! Falling asleep at the wheel is all-too-common and it wasn't just fortunate that the driver didn't get hurt, but also that an oncoming driver didn't get hit. I suspect the driver was getting sleepy long before actually falling asleep. Critical thinking should come into play!