29 October 2010

El Rodeo Stables Update

Back in early May, there was post on this blog noting that horses were gone and facilities appeared to be in the process of dismantling at the El Rodeo Stables across from Carbon Canyon Regional Park in Brea.  It was wondered if the facility, said to have been operating under various owners at the site since 1927, was going to close.

A recent comment to that post, however, has this to offer:

El Rodeo is temporarily on Vacation. The current lease owner has relocated most of the horses so he can go fishing without worrying about the horses at the ranch. The roof on part of the pipe corrals was lifted off in a mini-tornado and not removed specifically in an attempt to dismantle the corrals. The Riding Club is still in existance and when the current lease ends in December, we will be looking for someone to be the new leaser. I am the current Secretary / Treasurer for the Riding Club (which owns the property). So I am 'in the know'. I can be reached at 714.255.7488. Kelley Hartranft

So, it seems that, come the new year, there will be a new arrangement to keep the stables in operation.  Hopefully, we will have further updates from Kelley Hartranft about developments at El Rodeo.


Anonymous said...

Hope that denise shryer is still being considered.she is so knowlegable and full of energy. That is what it would take to turn things around there and draw in good horsepeople

Kelley Hartranft said...

El Rodeo Update - 2011. The stables are scheduled to reopen sometime in February.

The El Rodeo Riding Club is happy to announce that a new leasee has been chosen for the property and repair work has already begun.

If you have driven by, you will notice the stall roof replacement is well underway and clean up of the property is coming along.

There will be lots of new paint and weed pulling in the coming months.

We thank everyone that was concerned about the stable closure and encourage folks to tell everyone they know that the stables will again be open and that we are accepting equine friends.


prs said...

Hi Kelley, this is fantastic news. Obviously, there was concern that there was a permanent closure and that a sale, zoning change and development was down the road. Many thanks for the update and I'll make this a specific post tomorrow.

Jessica said...

I was boarding there back in 2009 I loved it there and was sad to see the place close down,i had alot of memories there as a teen (even lost a horse there who was my best friend so i always wanted to go back and see the place). Im glad to see it is now re opening i wish the best of Luck there!! i hope to see one of the shows one day!! El Rodeo was the BEST boarding place id ever been too!!

Anonymous said...

There is still a lot to do there. But it does loook better. Still need to remove some problem people living there on the property though. Why does the board need to be so high? Other areas are not?

prs said...

Hello Anonymous, things are much better there for sure. I drove by this morning (before it got over 100 degrees!) and kids were riding horses, the newly-built stables were filled with beautiful animals, and the signs of activity were encouraging. In fact, it might be time to do a little updated post. Thanks for the comment.