12 May 2010

Sleepy Hollow Historical Artifact: Stock Certificate for Sleepy Hollow Water & Improvement Co.

Thanks to former Sleepy Hollow resident Randy, who commented on a recent post about the Rancho Santa Ana del Chino and Carbon Canyon, here is a rare artifact from the community's earliest days. 

Cleve Purington created the Sleepy Hollow Water and Improvement Company, which was incorporated with the State of California on 23 June 1925, to finance development of the subdivision, evidently by providing a water delivery system and perhaps other projects.  The amount of capital was small, only $14,000, and the stock amounts were $50, so they were only 280 shares issued.  This means that there are probably only a few of these out there in circulation.

This one, issued to D. L. and Edna Briggs on 19 July 1926, has Purington's signature as president of the company, along with a man named D.C.E. Jewell, who was the secretary.  At the upper center is a vignette of an eagle, while at the left is one of a dam and at the right is one that shows released water from a dam or reservoir.

Thanks to Randy for providing the image for use on this blog!


Craig said...

Unfortunately, I was informed by a long time resident of Carbon Canyon for over 40 years, Nick Rosen (unfortunately now deceased) told me that he found dozens of these stock certificate in the old pump house of his house on Carbon Canyon Rd. (the old 1880's "Cat House" near Canon Lane). Since his death, his wife has sold the house and I have no idea of what happened to those documents.

I can however, tell you some GREAT stories that Nick relayed to me about that house before his passing. Let me know if you are interested, perhaps we can chat sometime!

All the best,

Craig Sibley

Carbon Canyon Resident (around 18 years?)

Paul said...

Hi Craig, thanks for the comment and, yes, I would be interested in talking more with you about that house. What's the best way to get in contact?

gigglefight said...

Hello Craig,
I have a La Vida Mineral Water Company Preferred Stock Certificate form the 1930s I was wondering... I'd like to hear the stories as well. :) thanks much!