03 May 2010

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #4729

This latest driver miscalculation occurred over the weekend as a vehicle heading eastbound on Carbon Canyon Road (State Route 142) failed to negotiate one of the S-curve meanderings on the Chino Hills side between the Carriage Hills and Summit Ranch subdivisions, skidded off the road, and floored this poor directional sign that was only trying to do its modest and underappreciated job.

As will be seen from just the last couple of years embodied in this blog, the flattening of CalTrans signs in this area is a regular occurrence and something we all get to pay a little more for when our transportation department goes out to repair the damage.

The photos were taken this morning and we'll see how quickly the usually-efficient District 8 of CalTrans will get our prostrate friend up and back at its post.

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