02 May 2010

El Rodeo Stables Closing?

It has been in existence since 1927, but within the last two weeks the El Rodeo Stables on the Brea side of Carbon Canyon looks like it is shutting down.  Horses are no longer on the grounds and the corrals appear to be in the process of being dismantled with tin roofs having been removed. 

If this is the case, it would stand to reason that the economy, or the decline of the number of people boarding horses, or the lingering effects of both from the November 2008 Freeway Complex fire could be factors.  Has a "too good to pass up" offer come from a buyer?  Will a new owner seek a zoning change from commercial to residential?  We'll just have to see if there is any news forthcoming.

In any case, it is sad to see an 80+ year old institution shuttered if appearances mirror reality.


Jack said...

Paul, we are interested in maybe buying the El Rodeo property. Please contact Denise at (714) 271-7157 so that we can learn more about this? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Would love to know what's really going on with the property. Boarders were not happy about the closure and finding other facilities. It would be a shame to lose the facility and trail access.

prs said...

Hello Anonymous (and, belatedly, Jack,) I know nothing more than what I could observe, which is why I didn't respond to Jack, not being able to say anything else further. I asked a long-time, well-informed Olinda Village resident about it, but there was nothing that this person knew either. I suppose someone could call the number on the sign at the front of the property: (714) 528-7510, and inquire about it. There has been a real problem with the closure of boarding facilities elsewhere, such as at Industry Hills in City of Industry and the smaller facility further in Carbon Canyon. If anyone knows anything, a comment here would be appreciated.

Kelley Hartranft said...

El Rodeo is temporarily on Vacation. The current lease owner has relocated most of the horses so he can go fishing without worrying about the horses at the ranch. The roof on part of the pipe corrals was lifted off in a mini-tornado and not removed specifically in an attempt to dismantle the corrals.

The Riding Club is still in existance and when the current lease ends in December, we will be looking for someone to be the new leaser.

I am the current Secretary / Treasurer for the Riding Club (which owns the property). So I am 'in the know'.

I can be reached at 714.255.7488.

Kelley Hartranft