28 October 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #2838

It wasn't that long ago (see the post of 8 July) that this very sign at about the middle of the switchbacks on the westbound side of Carbon Canyon Road (SR-142) in Chino Hills was bent while its associates to the right were plowed down or lightly shoved by a driver who thoughtlessly left the roadway to attack these poor, innocent guides to better driving. Alas, here it is again, just within the last few days, pushed face down into the hillside by yet another errant traveler on the highway.

Not to worry, our tax dollars will continue to go to support CalTrans' continuing efforts to support sign vs. human, because our local officials have, it seems, decided that it's not worth spending local dollars on better patrolling and monitoring of the road, as opposed to using statewide monies to repair the damage that gets done. Moreover, if the damage done by distracted drivers occurs on private property, why then it is every man (and woman) for themselves. This constitutes, evidently, the epitome of sound public policy.

Still, it has been a long time since a major injury, much less a fatality, has occurred on Carbon Canyon Road. So, if an innocuous and inanimate sign or guardrail has to take the brunt of the recklessness that reguarly recurs on the road, then there is no cause for alarm. Right?

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