14 October 2009

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #20

Here is another La Vida soda bottle, similar to the one posted back in July, dating to probably the 1940s or 1950s, but, instead of being bottled in Stockton, as that one was, this one comes from Sacramento.

Note that the company name is the La Vida Bottling Company of Northern California, which seems to mean that water from the La Vida Mineral Springs here in Carbon Canyon was sent to our state capitol to be bottled.

Otherwise, the lettering and physical attributed of the bottle are the same as the one from Stockton and the lettering style is somewhat akin to those bottled locally in Placentia or Fullerton.

This item is 2009.9.1.1 from the Carbon Canyon Collection and, as always, clicking either image will zoom it in for a better view.

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Zaphod said...

It is interesting that LaVida Spring water became famous. The wells in Sleepy Hollow that supplied the central part of the Canyon pumped sulfur water that had to be aerated with a wooden tower down by the eucalyptus tree where I had my tree house. Most people had Arrowhead water brought in by the 5-gallon bottle. It was possible to drink the well water but it had to be ice cold with a lot of lemon juice and sugar. Even then it was just barely palatable. We kids drank out of the creek. It was cold and sweet and it had the additional quality of offering us boys a kind of Russian roulette, gastronomically speaking.