17 October 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #2752

It's actually been pretty quiet as far as reckless driving in Carbon Canyon lately, at least so far as I have seen. Tonight, however, there was a real doozy which took place before my own long-jaded eyes.

I was coming home from the Brea side at about 7:00 p.m., so it was dark, and, after I climbed the hill toward Olinda Village and was descending down the other side, I approached two sets of headlights coming side by side. Naturally, I had to slow down because, as the road slightly widens to allow a left-turn lane on eastbound Carbon Canyon Road for Olinda Drive, a vintage VW Bug decided to use the double-yellow lined area AND THE LEFT TURN LANE THAT I MIGHT HAVE WANTED TO USE in the center of the roadway as a passing lane. In doing so, the Bug managed to squeeze between the white SUV it was passing and me coming the opposite direction.

It's one thing when a car passes another on a two-lane highway in which no passing is allowed anywhere along its length, but in which at least there is no one coming the other direction. But, when there was another car traveling in the opposite lane (in this case, moi) and who might have wanted to turn left onto Olinda Drive, that's just about as reckless and irresponsible as it gets.

A close call, to be sure, but this time disaster was averted. But, will everyone be so fortunate the next time?


Anonymous said...

Glad you were aware of the road. I hate when selfish people pass on double yellow. I know the spot you mentioned, and I see some people start to try that too.

Paul said...

Hello Anonymous, thanks for your comment. I only wish the local police departments were more aware! They have their usual radar spots at their normal times and that's their bare minimum of patrolling and enforcement in the Canyon. What will it take to make that change? Come back again soon.