24 September 2009

They're Baaaack!

It's been a couple of weeks now since school went back in session for all levels of education and, with summer vacations completed as well, traffic on Carbon Canyon Road is, obviously, noticeable busier, especially westbound in the morning between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

All the more reason to be concerned about the fact that, on the Chino Hills side there are 174 approved homes that will be built in the Pine Valley Estates and Canyon Hills subdivisions. Meantime, it appears 13 October will be when the Stonefield project of 28 houses comes to the City Council via an appeal. A few months back, it was stated in the Chino Hills Champion that a pre-application has been submitted for 110 houses near Canyon Hills. Even a small 11-unit project is in the works for a parcel off Old Carbon Canyon Road below Carriage Hills.

Doing the math this adds up to 313 houses in the Chino Hills portion of the Canyon and we haven't even gotten to the possibility that the 165-unit Canyon Crest project might someday be revived. That takes us to 478.

Now, much of this projected development will depend, naturally, on the housing market and economy. In recent decades, wage stagnation has meant that buying houses for many people is more a matter of creative financing and the taking on of enormous debt than true affordability. If our income gap, now at its widest point since 1928, isn't narrowed, home affordability will continue to be out of reach, especially if reform of the mortgage system is enacted as it should be.

So, we will see what transpires in the future on this, but the prospect of up to nearly five hundred new homes in Carbon Canyon will take its toll on a wide variety of areas and traffic will be among the most obvious.

So, any of you who drive Carbon Canyon Road during rush hour(s) and bemoan its current E or F-rated level of service during those times, ponder a little about what hundreds of houses in the canyon in the future will do.


Zaphod said...

I haven't got a lot to say about traffic in 2009, but I lived in Sleepy Hollow from 1948 until 1959. Our family lived on Oak Way Lane in two different home, both of which may father bought from the Schlenderings. I rode the bus to school in Chino. Some of the other kids rode another bus to Olinda and Brea, but had to catch it at the County line. Most of us hiked from Sleepy Hollow down to La Vida Springs to swim. I have built more dams in the creek than I care to remember, some of them five and six feet high, with the help of the other boys. One of my friends and I built the largest tree house ever erected in a eucalyptus tree not a hundred yards from the center of Sleepy Hollow. The tree endures.

As to the school bus ride, the road seldom was crowded, but the hour-long ride each way permanently damaged my hearing.

Paul said...

Hello Zaphod, this is great! In fact, as I look out the window right now, I see a tall eucalyptus tree along the bank of the creek with the remnants of a tree house in it. I'll bet that's it!

I'm going to take your comments and make it its own post, so if you have any more recollections you'd like to share, let me know and I'll put it up on its own.

Thanks again!

Zaphod said...

I am afraid that I have about 500 pages of recollections (10 point type)of my time in the Canyon, with descriptions of everything I did for those ten years, my friends, and the places that were importnat to me. I would be happy to contribute anything that you think would be informative to your readers. By the way, my real name is..... Paul.

Paul said...

Hello Paul, wow, you've obviously spent a lot of time recording your memories of Carbon Canyon. If you're interested, you might want to send me some of your recollections of people in the neighborhood, events that happened, and places in the canyon. I'll leave it for you to send me what you want and then can post (with whatever editing is needed.) How does that sound?

Zaphod said...

Great. I would need an e-mail address if that is okay. I'm at "niggle85@comcast.net"