03 September 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #2538

It was a little ironic that the day I went to photograph the lowered speed limit signs on Carbon Canyon Road 15 August, there were what appears to be two pretty new sets of deep, pretty long skid marks right next to the 45 mph sign, between Old Carbon Canyon Road and Chino Hills Parkway on the east side of the highway.

As has been said previously, CalTrans is supposed to be conducting a second survey to determine whether or not to lower speed limits (for longer than twelve days) on the Chino Hills/San Bernardino County side of State Highway 142, but if the hope is to reduce accidents or near-accidents by so doing, it seems like it would be better to reconsider the patrolling policy utilized by the Chino Hills Sheriff's Department.

That is, unless no one thinks that the litany of events described and seen in photos on this blog, on the Brea side as well, is of enough concern to change the status quo.

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