23 September 2009


A little anecdote, one of perhaps thousands that other commuters using Carbon Canyon Road could tell, from my drive on Highway 142 on Monday morning.

I was behind a white Lincoln all the way through the Canyon from Chino Hills to Brea and noticed that the driver was not exactly hewing a straight line, sometimes drifting off toward the shoulder and other times moving perilously close to the opposing lane. It was only 8:30 a.m. so it seemed highly unlikely (though who really knows?) that it was someone who'd had too much to drink or ingested some illicit chemicals. So, I kept my distance just in case.

Then, once we descended down from Olinda and the road becomes four lanes at the Olinda Ranch subdivision, I moved over into the slow lane and cruised on past the Lincoln. Glancing over to see who it was, I saw a young woman holding a mascara brush in her left hand, deftly working those eyelashes, while holding the lid in her right hand and using that hand as a brace against the steering wheel. Obviously that rear view mirror was, at that moment, just a mirror.

Now, this wasn't the best example I've seen of a person grooming themselves. I actually once saw a woman on the 405 in West Los Angeles painting the toenails of her left foot while driving and I once saw a guy using a cordless shaver while on the road somewhere in Orange County, but it never ceases to amaze me what people do (yes, that too!) while driving and somehow manage to avoid (at least that time!) crashing into someone or something.

Just another day driving Carbon Canyon Road!


Empoprises said...

Of the three examples you shared, I think the mascara on Carbon Canyon Road takes the cake. In the other instances, the driver had one hand controlling the steering wheel, and the road was relatively straight.

Paul said...

Hello Empoprises, I guess another way to look at it is that people can have their hands on the wheel and their heads somewhere else, which can be as much of a concern as the crazier examples I gave. At any rate, it's always easy to blame Carbon Canyon Road for being dangerous! Thanks!