12 June 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #s 2011 & 2012

These are minor incidents compared to the last few incidents from this series, but they've happened within the last couple of weeks and they're part of the documentation that may or may not mean anything.

So, the lower photo is of the same guardrail along eastbound Carbon Canyon Road at the S-curve on the Chino Hills side of the Canyon that was replaced within the last year and hit at this very same spot about two months ago (a spot that had to be rebuilt, as well.) Looks like the car just hit the rail and smashed the support, but nothing near as bad as the previous incident.

The upper photo is of another incident of a car crossing lanes and bouncing off either the guardrail or the asphalt curb underneath while trying to take the curve too fast on the westbound side of the highway before the climb to Olinda Village.

Again, these appear to be one-car incidents with little indication of major damage, but are yet two more examples of reckless driving that have occurred in frequency in recent months.

For what it's worth.

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