02 June 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #1929

Driven to distraction squared! Over the weekend, there was another accident in Carbon Canyon on our beloved State Highway 142. This time, the incident occurred on the westbound side of the road in the Brea portion of the Canyon right after the old entrance to the La Vida hotel. And, this time, the distracted driver, no doubt forced off the road by a careless coyote or the radiant brilliance of a spring moon or the ghosts of La Vida Mineral Springs (or, perhaps, a little lead in the shoe or the perfidious effects of fermented grain), took a personal and close-up tour of Carbon [Canyon] Creek.

What more can be said? The car left the roadway, mowed down one of those innocent, innocuous mileage marker signs, bent back the edge of a new guardrail installed after last November's Freeway Complex Fire, and boogied on down creekside. Just another weekend on Carbon Canyon Road!

Photos were taken this morning and, as an added bonus for all of you dedicated followers of motor vehicle mayhem in Carbon Canyon, note the faux rock-covered electrical box across the street. That was the ending point for entry #1732 from 20 May in our "On the Skids" series. As an extra added bonus, doesn't it look like a smiling snail with its two eyes and wide grin?

So, after noticing the unusually frequent array of accidents and near-misses, it has finally come down to one inescapable conclusion, other than officialdom's benign neglect and the carelessness of a small portion of the motoring public: it's the road's fault! It's just too difficult to negotiate the curve there, because we've now had two accidents there in the last several weeks. Curses upon the dangerous highway!

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