01 June 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #1841

Actually, on this accident, which occurred last Friday night, there was almost no skidding (no kidding!) involved. This driver, heading eastbound on Carbon Canyon Road (and maybe, just maybe, even speeding!) simply went off the side of road at the Carriage Hills Lane intersection, caromed off a power pole (which came out with some gouges and gashes but its dignity intact), ended back up on the road for a few feet, and veered off again, chewing up some meticulously maintained grass in the process before coming to rest in a planter.

As is so often the case in these enlightened days, the driver left some items to be remembered by a la the "freeway fender frenzy" that we see far too much of on our lightly-patrolled highways, in the form of pieces of the front fender, a front license plate, pieces of headlight casing and other sundry items, all strewn about with a strikingly artistic effect on the emerald green turf.

The attached photographs were taken about 8:00 this morning and, by the time I came through again on the way home a little after 3:30, the landscaping company, presumably, for the Carriage Hills Homeowners' Association had largely smoothed everything over, removed the debris and very nearly made it appear as if nothing had ever happened there, except for faint markings on the lawn and the aforementioned residue on the power pole.

Now, on to the next crash and the resounding official silence and inactivity that inevitably will follow!

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