28 February 2009

Carbon Canyon Road and Its Remnant Landscapes, Part 2

Back in early August, there was a post on this blog about remnant landscapes, focusing on parts of Carbon Canyon Road that are still left after the road was rerouted over the years.

Above is a photo of a portion of the old Valencia Avenue as it curved into Carbon Canyon Road before Valencia was moved west and Lambert Avenue came through to connect directly with Carbon Canyon. The post five days ago concerning 1916 photos of the Olinda Oil Field featured an image showing this road and other posts have included maps showing it, as well. In this view, taken earlier today, the view is from Carbon Canyon looking south.

Of note are the electric power lines running along the west side of the old two-lane street, the fairly dense number of trees (most burned in the recent Freeway Complex Fire and thereby opening a clearer view of the old road path), and, outside the view, some of the oil wells still in operation. The remnant ends just as the road began its curve and, in the distance, it ends at a locked gate off the current Valencia Avenue roadway.

Like its "cousin" at the eastern end of the Canyon where the old road curves off onto present eastbound Chino Hills Parkway, this section of road is cracked, peeling, and pockmarked, but it still survives (for now) as a reminder of a different era.

Someday when the oil wells are capped, the rigs taken down, and the land sold and developed, there may be something else in its place, but, for the time being, the road remnant is a reminder of old Olinda.

In fact, looking at the photo, it almost looks like a weatherworn country road inviting a leisurely Sunday drive far removed from our heavily suburbanized landscape. Almost.

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