10 February 2009

Aerojet Ordinance Cleanup at Vellano Subdivision: An Update

A few days ago, I heard from Michael Collins of Enviroreporter.com, who has done considerable journalistic investigations on the very lengthy cleanup project at the Aerojet ordinance testing facility, of which much of the site is now within the high-end Vellano gold course subdivision just north of Soquel Canyon in Chino Hills.

From 1954 at the height of Cold War hysteria to 1995, the site was used for testing all kinds of munitions and then was subjected to a multimillion dollar effort to remove all traces of dangerous chemicals, shells and the the like.

The issues raised by Mr. Collins on his website should be of interest and concern to anyone in Chino Hills, specifically the Vellano subdivision, and any areas downstream from the creeks that have been affected by the forty years of testing. These include Woodview Creek heading north-easterly from the project area toward Chino Creek and Soquel Creek (a portion of which is in the above photo) which flows to the west and empties into Carbon [Canyon] Creek just east of Carbon Canyon Dam. Mr. Collins has raised the question of whether chemicals have made their way over those four decades down to the Santa Ana River and destinations further south.

I am not here to advocate for Mr. Collins but would invite readers to do their own examination, as well as consult other sources of information. Links to the updated information on Mr. Collins website, as well as to Aerojet and its parent company GenCorp, are on the right side of the main blog page.

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kev said...

I have lived in Chino Hills since 1991 and have visited Aerojet a couple of times. The first time was just a quick drive up the windy roads to the last coming up old carbon canyon road (to the water tower and beyond). I have read just about every article/pictures (including gmaps) on the web. It would interesting to have some in depth article of the history of the place and insider photos such as the building and bunkers still intact today. Considering they will probably demolish the complex in the coming years. Considering it is highly illegal to trespass and explore I doubt this will ever happen.