31 January 2009

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #615: A Passing Fancy, Part Deux

Here's another item related to reckless driving in Carbon Canyon: an hour ago, as I was turning right from Canyon Hills Road onto Carbon Canyon Road westbound, two motorcyclists heading east passed two cars while vehicles were coming in the other direction. Because there is a left turn lane at this location, the cyclists "had enough room" to make this maneuver. EXCEPT that if one of the cars they were passing, say the one at the front which they could not really see, decided to turn left at Canyon Hills, the outcome could have been very different.

Notably, my "Useless Documentation #614" post generated three comments or e-mails very quickly. I'm putting them in this post because it would be something to add to the "archive" just in case there was any hope of convincing the police departments in Brea and/or Chino Hills that there may be a need to do more patrolling in the Canyon. I can imagine the plea of poverty being made because of the economy, but even when times were prosperous (or gave the appearance thereof) there wasn't much of a concern that I could determine, at least not on the Chino Hills side.

At any rate, here are the comments offered today:

laurel said...
It would be wonderful if there was more of a police presence here in the Canyon. An incident happened a few days ago where a truck passed me on the left and a car was coming his way. I slowed down to let him back into the lane but it was very close. Shook me up a bit.

January 31, 2009 8:30 AM

Canyon Native said...
I actually think passing over the double line has become more common since the fire. Does the absence of vegetation growing next to and overshadowing the road give maniacs a false sense of safety? Just about two weeks ago, a person (that is giving the driver the benefit of the doubt) passed me while I was in the left turnout lane ready to turn into Olinda Village. Naturally, a car was coming so the driver had to swerve rapidly back in front of me. Luck only lasts so long!

January 31, 2009 12:09 PM

(An e-mail comment from another Canyon resident)

Interesting about the speeder later last night. I almost got nailed at about 6:45 PM heading westbound. The eastbound lane was still clogged - and on a blind curve - led by a flashing police motorcycle that I couldn't see until they were right on me (because of the curve) was a tow truck. My heart sank and my pulse raced. Thee was barely any room to pull over. I mean did they need to speed up the hill for a tow truck on the wrong side of the road. I would understand if it were an ambulance but a tow truck ?

These anecdotes, along with my own, are probably only representing a few of the incidents that have happened just in the last couple of weeks and are really daily incidents.

As has been already said, if there was a major fatality, involving an innocent person, or a child, maybe there would be a sudden sense of urgency, but what I see now is fundamentally benign neglect. Not that this is an excuse, given that the core responsibility of government is the protection of life (and property.)

Prevention, however, seems to be something of an afterthought as being reactive, rather than proactive, is the order of the day.


lisa said...

my grandfather was Carbon Canyon Cross, grew up in the canyon, the 60, 70,s and 80,s were the best before the canyon was overtaken,, the kids like myself who grew up there and was referred to as hillbillies were now the lucky rich kids. The cattle and horses in your pics belong to Bill Friend a legend for his generosity and spirit that truly reflects what the canyon was about. I was saddened to visit the canyon, the place I grew up in and my grandfathers place in june. Nothing good stays the same.. please mention Gentrys store Fred Gentry was an icon to us kids as well as the outdoor skating rink, the ski slope.. I could go on. I have pics when there was no golf course..

prs said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment and recollections. Another commenter on a separate post made the same remark about Mr. Friend.

I replied that a Sleepy Hollow resident is doing an oral history with him and I wonder if transcripts could be made available to post on this blog. What I didn't mention in the other comment was that this neighbor said that Mr. Friend told her that his family has been ranching in the Canyon since the 1880s, which is remarkable and noteworthy.

As far as some of your memories, if you want to put something together, I'll post it, including any pictures you have. I've heard of Gentry's, but don't know much about it.

Anonymous said...

I knew Fred Gentry and his wife, many years ago, I had a home and property just a few yards away from the store and I always shopped there. Fred was a great guy as well as his wife, but I don't know what happened to them etc.

prs said...

Hello Anonymous, thanks for checking out the blog and for your comment. Maybe someone out there who sees this knows what happened to the Gentrys?