21 January 2009

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #11

Here is yet another postcard from La Vida Mineral Springs, probably from the 1960s, and shows what is called the "Roman baths" in an indoor setting at the resort.

The image shows two women soaking in the 110+ degree water in two of seven tiled units with steps, a handrail, and valves to control the water. The tiled floor leads to a door in the background, next to which are possibly timers, a clock and a window.

This is undoubtedly the same facility that was mentioned in the 1985 "Los Angeles Times" article on La Vida that was the subject of a recent post on this blog and which noted that there was one such room for men and another (this one) for women.

On the reverse is a simple caption reading "Roman Baths at LA VIDA MINERAL SPRINGS / Carbon Canyon / BREA, CALIFORNIA." Dividing the message section from the address area is the information for the publisher, Amescolor of Escondido, from which there are other postcards that have been featured in this blog, including one of the restaurant and another showing the footbridge leading to the motel. As always, double-clicking on the image will provide an enlargement.

This is item 2008.10.1.1 of the Carbon Canyon Collection.

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