07 January 2009

Party House Robbery

Party House Liquor, a long-time business in Sleepy Hollow and one of only two retail establishments in Carbon Canyon, was robbed early in the morning on New Year's Day.

The break-in occurred about 1:30 a.m. when a truck, which had been parked off to one side of the property, stopped in front of the door. Four persons, heavily bundled up, smashed through the front door and grabbed liquor and cigarettes. Not satisfied, the thieves returned about twenty minutes later for another go. Although the incident was captured by an on-site camera, it does not appear that there was any way to identify the perpetrators or the vehicle.

Obviously, it is not known if the four were locals or outsiders, but in any case it's an unfortunate loss for the owner, who is already struggling with the economy and, in a world riddled with 7-11s and AM/PMs, deserves the support of those who live in and travel through the Canyon. Now, he needs our backing even more.

It would also probably help if there were more regular overnight patrols, for this and other reasons, including the propensity of some drivers to race recklessly through the Canyon, but I doubt that an "isolated" (in more ways than one) incident like this will provoke a change in well-established policy.

Meantime, I hope that Kenny, the owner of the store, is able to keep his business going. If you're a resident, commuter or regular visitor, please patronize Party House Liquor and support small business.

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