17 November 2008

Firestorm in Carbon Canyon, Part II

From what I know now, there is still a closure of Carbon Canyon from Olinda Ranch on the Brea side to Valley Springs Road on the Chino Hills side, so there are still several hundred people who can't return to their homes. In the case of Sleepy Hollow and other neighborhoods with above-ground utilities, that seems to be one of the issues: repairing power, phone and cable lines destroyed by the fire. Above are a few images I took on Sunday from Gordon Ranch just east of Carbon and Tonner canyons. The plumes you see are from Diamond Bar and Brea, with the one view between the trees being of Carbon Canyon.

Because I will be away from a computer for probably another 24 hours or so, I also want to say that, in addition to thanking the many firefighting companies who have come from many areas of southern California and given their all to save homes in the Canyon, a great deal of credit has to go to the Red Cross, volunteers, donors, and other individuals, organzations, and agencies that have provided assistance to evacuees in the various Canyon communities.

I have spent some time, and am heading back now, to the Red Cross shelter at the Ayala High School gym and have been really impressed with the care and consideration offered by everyone involved. The true meaning of community really becomes crystal clear, even more than usual, in situations like these.

For all of the police and fire personnel; Red Cross workers; community volunteers; donors of meals, food, toys; city employees and volunteers; neighbors; utility workers; and anyone else I've forgotten who have been involved in combating the Triangle Complex fire and its effects on the Canyon and surrounding areas, we owe you a great debt and our eternal gratitude!

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