25 November 2008

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #9

This is another of a series of real photo postcards of the La Vida Mineral Springs resort, dating to probably the mid-1930s, that show the rustic, but charming conditions of the place.

The view is titled "Cottages at La Vida Mineral Springs, Calif" and shows about a half-dozen structures, some appearing to be duplexes and others singles that were placed adjacent to Carbon [Canyon] Creek and just below the hillsides. A relatively mature oak tree with some chairs under its spreading branches dominates the foreground.

I'm still trying to get a handle on the site layout, but it would appear that these structures would be more or less in the center of the property, with the larger bathhouses being off camera to the left, where some of the old water tanks are still standing today, while the more modern two-story motel structure and swimming pools were later added off right and to the east. Again, any corrections would be very welcome.

This card is 2008.9.1.2 of the Carbon Canyon Collection.

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