12 November 2008

Carbon Canyon Beautification Project?!

A couple of years back I watched a couple of guys pull off of Carbon Canyon Road in Sleepy Hollow, take some small 5-gallon trees out of their truck and plant them on the side of the road, where there is no water, except for the infrequent rainfall we receive. Not surprisingly, these plants promptly died!

Flash forward to yesterday and in the same area, but in a much larger swath, we find a few dozen cacti planted along the road. I've seen large trash items dumped along the side of the highway, as well as plenty of smaller garbage and I'm sure some people have found it convenient to abandon their animals in the canyon, but to find a phalanx of stray cacti is a little strange.

I suppose if we get some decent rainfall this winter, these things may have a chance of survival, but if this somebody's idea of a beautification project, I have to offer a stinging rebuke to this thorny issue! (I know, I know . . .)

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