28 September 2008

Roadside Memorials: An Addendum

I was surfing the web a few moments ago, looking for anything new about Carbon Canyon and came across a really interesting and touching memorial page for Barry Mir, a motorcyclist who was killed in a crash at Carbon Canyon Road and Old Carbon Canyon Road in Chino Hills in May 2007. A roadside memorial was put up by the family and remains there today (something I covered in an early August post about the two remaining roadside memorials on Carbon Canyon Road), but the web memorial has a stronger, more affecting impact as family and friends paid tribute to a young man who was only 21. I just felt like it would be a good thing for others to see, if for no other reason than to remind us that his fate could be that of many others on a road like Carbon Canyon Road. I'm going to follow this post shortly with a related one based on a recent incident on another state highway: Highway 243 in Idyllwild.

Anyway, here's the link for the Barry Mir memorial site: http://barrymir.memory-of.com/

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